Community Voices | Audra O'Connell/Walker’s Point Youth & Family Center

posted on October 16
What excites you about On The Table MKE? On The Table is such an exciting way to convene an entire region (politicians, community leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and neighbors) to come together and have meaningful, purposeful dialogue about things that matter to all of us. Read More...

Community Voices | Jacobo Lovo/Latino Arts 

posted on October 12
Why did Latino Arts Inc. sign up as hosts of On the Table MKE? Latino Arts Inc. is continuing to take an active role as a community partner and as an arts organization that works for the benefit of our community through its programming. Read More...

Community Voices | Elmer Moore/Scale Up Milwaukee

posted on October 11
Why did you sign up as a host for On the Table MKE?
We see On the Table MKE as a good excuse to interesting, challenging, and necessary conversation with a structured approached. Plus it’s a great reason to increase the size of our communities. Read More...

Community Voices | Caitlin Cullen/The Tandem

posted on October 4

Why did you sign up as a host for On the Table MKE?
The Greater Milwaukee Foundation has always been a great ally and friend of the Tandem since before we opened our doors, so any time they ask us to do something with them, we are happy to be a part of it! Read More...

Community Voices | Meg McKenna/VISIT Milwaukee

posted on October 4

Why did you sign up as a host for On the Table MKE? VISIT Milwaukee supports the great work of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and we want to be good partners in the community. Read More...

Community Voices: Mequon Nature Preserve

posted on October 4

The Mequon Nature Preserve is at a crossroads of deciding how to better leverage our farm fields to help the food insecurity issues in our communities. Read More...

Community Voices | PAVE & Schools that Can Milwaukee

posted on September 28
Both PAVE and Schools That Can Milwaukee know that the quality of K-12 education is the single biggest issue facing Milwaukee right now. The city has a very complicated school landscape. Read More...

Community Voices | Elizabeth Coggs

posted on September 28
As WestCare Wisconsin’s regional vice president, I was very excited to take part in signing WestCare Wisconsin to be a part of the On the Table dialogue. Read More...

Community Voices | Artists Working in Education

posted on September 22
Why did Artists Working in Education sign up as hosts of OTT?  We wanted to provide an opportunity to engage various levels of expertise and perspectives. Read More...

Community Voices | Eve Hall

posted on August 29
We sat down with Dr. Eve Hall, President & CEO of Milwaukee Urban League, to learn more about how and why the Urban League is participating in On the Table. Read More...

Building on strengths

Greater Milwaukee has what it takes to be a globally competitive, 21st century region. Like any community, we have our share of opportunities and challenges. Our region’s growing diversity is a significant strength, and it will be a competitive advantage for our shared future. In large part, our region offers a remarkable quality of life; however, for far too many people, opportunity for economic, social and civic participation is out of reach.

In areas such as income, incarceration and entrepreneurship, we face significant disparities based on race and ethnicity. Moreover, these disparities are often more pronounced here than in similar regions. Achieving our shared goal of a thriving region will require building upon the strength of our diversity while ensuring that race and ethnicity are never barriers to all people reaching their full potential.

On the Table has the potential to accelerate our community’s progress. As you prepare to participate, consider how diverse perspectives could invigorate dialogue at your table.