One day: Countless conversation
One year later: Community Action

We started On the Table MKE to bring people from across southeastern Wisconsin together to advance a more prosperous and equitable future for the region.

But you dreamed bigger. Your conversations inspired collaboration. From collaboration, you moved into action. You didn’t want to wait or think twice. You put your ideas in motion on issues of education, economic revival, housing solutions, mental health and much more.

Below are your stories of learning, listening and, most importantly, problem solving. Read on, and please re-join us at the table, Oct. 9, 2018. To connect or share your story, contact

America SCORES Milwaukee/Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks and America Scores are sharing a trauma-informed coaching model with Milwaukee’s youth coaches.

Calvary Presbyterian Church

Calvary Presbyterian Church combines focused friendship and nonprofit networking to reduce homelessness in Downtown MKE.

Convergence Resource Center

Gatherings boost activism, education and collaboration for Convergence Resource Center

Next Door

Next Door is using its early-childhood research and expertise to inform business and nonprofit leaders in the region.


SecureFutures views financial literacy as a game changer for Milwaukee youth.

St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care

St. Ann’s is partnering with visionary, local entrepreneurs to build businesses and anchor neighborhoods in 53206.

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