Ideas to Action Grant Recipients

Carmen High School of Science and Technology: Breaking Down Stereotypes
A $2,500 award that supported student meetings and conversations across the Carmen High Schools and Hmong American Peace Academy to learn about each other's cultural differences and similarities, culminating in a student-led project to share cultural customs, food, music and art.

Center for Youth Engagement: Building Community Dialogue Around Mass Incarceration
A $2,500 award that supported four-panel discussion events, followed by small group table conversations, for people to learn about mass incarceration and the impact on communities of color.

Community Advocates: Tenant-Landlord Training Voucher Project
A $2,500 award that supported a voucher program to prevent evictions when a tenant completes a tenant-landlord training and the landlord agrees not to pursue an eviction.

Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Addressing Chronic Disease Morbidity in Hispanic Women
A $2,360 award that supported the coordination and facilitation of community education sessions addressing women's health and chronic diseases to Latino women.

5 Points Neighborhood Association: The Arts as a Means of Self-Expression
A $2,000 award that supported a performing arts event, bringing individuals together to build unity, empathy and opportunity in Milwaukee’s 5 Points neighborhood and its surrounding neighborhoods. Following the performances, conversations were facilitated over a meal to discuss commonalities and concerns around various topics.

Pathfinders: Youth Voice: Communicating about Mental Health and Stability
A $2,000 award that supported youth-facilitated conversations with other youth about mental health and stability, a self-advocacy training for youth, and gave youth a voice at the Prevent Suicide Greater Milwaukee coalition spring meeting through a youth-led panel discussion.

Menomonee Valley Partners: Developing a Valley Workforce Shuttle Pilot
A $2,000 award that supported the feasibility planning to pilot a Menomonee Valley workforce shuttle to connect adjacent neighborhood residents to jobs in the valley.

United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County: Westlawn Best Babies Zone Storytelling:
A $1,500 award that supported a partnership with Ex Fabula to engage Westlawn neighborhood residents to share birth stories in a series of events including an introductory storytelling workshop, story circles, and a culminating "StorySlam" community event, bringing awareness to the Best Babies Zone Initiative to reduce disparities in infant mortality and birth outcomes.

Alive MKE: Visibility Conference
A $1,440 award that supported a conference focused on college and career readiness and professional development for high school and college students and young professionals. The event provided access to resources, networks and opportunities for participants to thrive in college and in their careers.

Lake Valley Camp: The Culture Connection
A $1,350 award that supported an event focused on bringing Milwaukee’s Midtown community together through a series of interactive culture stations led by residents, encouraging people to learn about the neighborhood’s diversity and allowing neighbors to build relationships.

Phillip Mason: Inclusion Initiative for Professionals with Disabilities
A $1,000 award that supported the creation of an advisory board, comprised primarily of individuals with disabilities and their allies, focused on building self-efficacy and increasing civic engagement among individuals with disabilities. The project focused on growing participation of people of color.

Catholic Memorial High School: Conversations Leading to Change
A $1,000 award that supported a school presentation from Serve2Unite to share and work with students, faculty and staff to value humanity and the aspiration of living a life as a peacemaker, and creating inclusive, compassionate and nonviolent climates in their schools and communities. 

Islands of Brilliance: Neurodiverse MKE
A $1,000 award that supported a series of conversations to gather input and information on the best way to deliver student-centered outcomes that improve the likelihood of employment and independence for individuals living with autism.

America SCORES Milwaukee: Neurosequential Sport Training for Coaches and Mentors
A $800 award that supported the participation of 25 coaches in an online Neurosequential Model in Sport training series that informed effectiveness in coaching, performing, training and other key skills needed for success in sport. The training provided practical applications that can have an immediate impact on individuals and programs involved in sport to improve effectiveness in providing healthy developmental experiences and improved performance.

Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative: Mothers on a Mission
A $550 award that supported mothers from Milwaukee’s Clarke Square neighborhood to gather for regular neighborhood clean-ups to show stewardship of the neighborhood and take pride in the community.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County: Healthy Minds
A $500 award that supported the creation of a "Zen Den" at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington County for youth who face mental health concerns and trauma.