Community Voices | Mequon Nature Preserve


Why did you sign up as a host for On the Table MKE?

The Mequon Nature Preserve is at a crossroads of deciding how to better leverage our farm fields to help the food insecurity issues in our communities.

For those who don’t know about the Mequon Nature Preserve, can you share a bit about it?

Our mission is to be a guiding example of restoration by returning an urban/suburban area to pre-settlement conditions and establishing an environmental education conservancy and natural habitat that inspires exploration and cultivates stewardship, encouraging visitors to get off the path.

How do you think On the Table MKE can benefit your agency?

On the Table MKE will allow us to have honest conversations with partners, supporters and other organizations. It's an opportunity to bring people together to solve a large issue!

What topic do you plan on bringing to the table?

Mequon Nature Preserve is at a pivotal point in our organization’s growth. We have potential initiatives that are "outside the box" that would help us address social and environmental issues...but we can't do it alone! We want to strengthen our organization's reach in the community without duplicating efforts. We want to further define "What is Mequon Nature Preserve?" and "What role can we play in food insecurity?"

What actionable steps do you hope will come from this conversation?

A practical plan defining a sustainable system linking our farm to the food deserts.