Community Voices - Elizabeth Coggs

West Care

Why did WestCare Wisconsin sign up as a host of On the Table MKE?

As WestCare Wisconsin’s regional vice president, I was very excited to take part in signing WestCare Wisconsin to be a part of the On the Table dialogue. It’s an awesome opportunity.  It allows everyday people to bring their stories and strengths to “uplift the human spirit.”  We have themed our event “Soul to Soul.” The meaning of soul is defined as one person, or spirit and essence of a person. Your soul is the part of you that makes you who you are and that will live on forever. We also are having a down home good African American soul food luncheon…stop by and get some peach cobbler and greens. 

What excites you about On the Table MKE?

It allows us to have a time to break bread, have fellowship, talk and listen. Those are many activities folks just don’t do anymore. We live in such a fast-paced technological world that neighbors, families and peers don’t just slow down and talk. This setting will bring our oral tradition of talking, eating soul food and good times. We will make the memories.

What project are you currently working on?

We are the community engagers who walk these streets and get into the trenches to give people a voice – whether it is through drug prevention of K2, crack or opiates, called “Hugs, No Drugs,” keeping children and families safe by the “Love Up, Lock Down…Gun Locks Saves Lives” program, teaching youth leaders to take over the helm and be want they want to be, nurturing and valuing our elders or making veterans homeowners. Bringing people together provides a sense that we can do what is good for us to do! We work to uplift the human spirit. We are known by the talk we talk and the steps we walk to help our fellow sister and brothers. Harambee – we are pulling together!