Welcome to On the Table MKE

The region’s largest community conversation returns Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, and your voice is needed to turn up the volume on important issues facing greater Milwaukee.

Registration is now open for individuals and organizations interested in hosting a mealtime conversation this year as part of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s On the Table MKE initiative. It’s free and open to anyone.

The Foundation will be providing a variety of resources to help you plan and host an effective gathering. To ensure you receive the latest updates, subscribe to our digital mailing list.

On the Table MKE was introduced by the Foundation in 2017 as a forum for diverse discussions, a birthplace for creative collaborations and a catalyst for taking action to improve our community. In its first year, more than 5,400 people were involved in hundreds of independently organized gatherings across 73 ZIP codes on a single autumn day to advance our community through civic participation.

Their reflections, interests and aspirations were summarized in our Voices from the Tables community report, which found a powerful desire among people to connect and work together toward a better, more equitable region. Nine out of 10 people met someone new through On the Table MKE, and many continued their conversations and efforts following their initial gathering.

Inspiring stories of collaboration continue to take place across community sectors and areas of interest. We look forward to hearing how you are putting your ideas into motion.

Who will you invite to your table this year?

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Our 2018 Welcome Guide introduces On the Table MKE and explains how to participate.

Learn about Marquette University President Mike Lovell’s experience with On the Table MKE 2017!